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We Are the Best

Coltons Consulting & Maintenance Inc. has more than 20 years of experience in providing rack shelving and loading docks.


Coltons Consulting & Maintenance Inc.

When you want the best, you come to Coltons Consulting & Maintenance Inc. We are the largest loading dock and racking installation company in Calgary. Beginning as a small company that was dedicated to high-quality loading dock maintenance, installation, and repair; we have now grown steadily over the last 20+ years into a high-quality company that services clients throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.


Coltons Consulting & Maintenance offers a strong dedication to high-end service and stability. We strive to provide you with a budget-friendly and timely installation as well as quality maintenance work. We are passionate about our work and are very experienced in the industry. The quality of our work is second to none.

Professional Service

Coltons Consulting & Maintenance offers high-value services with quick turnaround on our work. Our team requires little supervision as our workers are all highly trained in the trade and proper safety procedures. We have provided new storage rack systems for high-profile grocery companies and large third-party logistics companies.


Our business is as much in loading dock installation and repairs as it is in storage racks. We work closely with Dock Products Canada to provide dock levels, vehicle restraints, safety equipment, and electrical controls, along with a range of other products. Dock Products Canada also manufactures our dock equipment line SERCO, KELLY, and TKO door systems.

Coltons Consulting & Maintenance Inc. is committed to maintaining consistency in the products and work ethic we provide. We have long-standing relationships with our customers and suppliers so that we may provide the best service possible.

Please contact us today to experience Alberta’s best!

Racks and More

Rack shelving solutions to help maximize your storage space.

Loading Docks and Doors

We offer installation and maintenance for loading doors and docks.

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